Some come to our wellness center to lose weight and boost energy and health, while others come for medical spa and beauty services.  Either way, our physician tailored programs help you feel better and more confident by achieving your goals.


Wellness Services

At Balance, our goal is simply to help you feel great and look amazing.  With wellness services, you can achieve fat loss while improving, strength, energy, stamina, and overall health.  Whether you’re an athlete or have multiple medical conditions, Dr. Ron Bryant is able to guide your journey toward more a optimized you.

Weight Loss

Lose weight the right way.
Boost your metabolism to lose fat while retaining muscle.  Balance the macronutrients – carbs, proteins, and fats to boost your body’s fat loss.  We use micronutrients and supplements to boost your weight loss results.  Make an appointment today to get on the right track with your weight.  Read more.


Testosterone Replacement

Build muscle, lose fat, boost energy, and sexual performance with a more optimized testosterone level.  As men age, we lose testosterone, and deficiency is associated with many poor health outcomes.  A lifestyle that is without the proper nutrition and exercise may lead to a more rapid loss in testosterone.  Get into balance with proper replacement.  Read more.


Hormone Replacement

Maintain or restore youthful energy, metabolism, and general wellness with replacement of natural hormone balance.  Bioidentical (or bio-identical) hormone replacement means using the same hormone molecules that your body makes naturally.  Estrogen, typically in the form of estradiol (E2) or estriol (E3), natural progesterone, and testosterone therapy should be in optimal balance.  Read more.


Medical Spa Services

Look even more amazing with our medical spa services.  Whether treating crow’s feet and fine lines, plump lips with filler, or looking amazing with Cool Sculpting treatments, we can help.

Cosmetic Procedures

Achieve greater beauty with cosmetic injections.  Reduce fine lines and wrinkles with BOTOX® Cosmetic and filler deeper lines and create more plump and vivacious lips with Juvederm®.  At Balance, each procedure is performed by a trained physician.  Read more.



With Cool Sculpting, there is no downtime.  You can return to normal activities or work immediately.  Freeze away fat with Cool Sculpting, without the hassles of liposuction.  Start reducing stubborn fat areas today.  Read more.

Interested in multiple services?  At Balance, our goal is to help you look incredible and feel amazing.  Dr. Ron Bryant will help you tailor the right program to reach your goals.  Make your appointment today to get into Balance.  Call (713) 338-1231 or click the link below to book an online appointment.