Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Hormone Replacement Therapy services offered in Houston, TX

Hormone replacement therapy can improve your well-being by restoring your sleep cycle, menstrual cycle, metabolism, and other important bodily processes. An optimized hormone balance may provide the boost energy and metabolism you need.  At Balance, we offer hormone replacement therapy with testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and thyroid hormones.  Dr. Ron Bryant has expertise in bootsting metabolism for weight loss and correcting hormone imbalances.  Whether testosterone replacement for men's health or bio-identical hormone replacement for women, we can help you optimize your health.  Learn more about each type of hormone replacement by scheduling an appointment over the phone or online right away. 

Hormone Replacement Therapy Q & A

What is hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a way of restoring balance among the many hormones in your body, which serve numerous purposes, including driving your metabolism, maintaining your muscle mass, controlling your menstrual cycle, and much more. 

At Balance Wellness Center, we welcome you to come in for a treatment consultation so we can review your history, symptoms, and labs to determine if issues are due to a hormone imbalance or some other medical condition. We can identify hormone imbalances with blood testing as many symptoms of hormone imbalances have other possible causes. 

With telemedicine support, you have hormone replacement therapy for the appropriate amount of time at the necessary dose you need to feel better. 

Which hormones do hormone replacement therapy involve?

Balance Wellness Center uniquely offers hormone replacement therapy of several different types according to the particular hormone that’s low within your body. You can get hormone replacement therapy for:


Thyroid hormone comes from the butterfly-shaped gland called the thyroid, located across the front of your throat. It helps control both your metabolism and energy. You can alleviate symptoms such as depression, weight gain, fatigue, and acid reflux by correcting an imbalance of this hormone. 


Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for metabolism, sexual function, muscle development, and your immune system. Both men and women have testosterone, but men have more of it, and are more likely to experience issues from low testosterone. Testosterone replacement therapy helps resolve symptoms like low libido, erectile dysfunction, and mood swings.  In addition, low testosterone can lead to difficulty with weight loss, mental fog, cholesterone imbalances, and other abnormalities.  Since low T affects much more than sexual issues and erectile dysfuntion, restoring testosterone levels can help achieve more optimum overall health.


Progesterone is one of two hormones that women have more of than men. It serves many purposes, including regulating the ovulation cycle, inflammation regulation, and mood stabilization.  Progesterone helps to balance the effects of estogen, and plays a role in the immune system as well.  It is often supplemented at bedtime and may help with sleep, mood, and headaches.


Estrogen is another female-dominant hormone, though men have it as well. It helps with growth and development, regulating the menstrual cycle, and regenerating cells. Estrogen replacement therapy treats symptoms like hot flashes, low bone density, and brain fog.  The balance between estrogen and progesterone plays a role in inflammation.  Estrogen can have beneficial effects on the heart, brain, bone, and manhy other organ symptoms, but it is important to achieve balance to minimize inflammation.

How do I use hormones in hormone replacement therapy?

There are a few ways to take hormones while going through hormone replacement therapy.  At Balance Wellness Center, we will explain your options, which include creams, pellets, and injections.  We will help you with find an approach you can use consistently, if indicated. 

Call us or schedule an appointment online today to find out which type of hormone replacement therapy is right for you.