Weight Loss Programs

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Weight Loss Programs services offered in Houston, TX

If you struggle to lose weight by exercising and changing your diet on your own, consider a physician-designed weight loss program built to meet your needs. Our approach at Balance is led by Dr. Ron Bryant, and we create your personalized weight loss program with multiple evidence-based strategies. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Bryant by phone or online for a weight loss program right away. 

We generally focus on boosting your metabolism rather than reducing your appetite.  We use low carbohydrate meal plans, combined with supplements and often optimizing hormone balance to maximize weight loss.  There are times when prescribed medications are helpful as well, which Dr. Bryant will provide.

Weight Loss Programs Q & A

What are weight loss programs?

Weight loss programs are personalized strategies to help you reduce the amount of fat in your body. While everyone benefits from at least some body fat for insulation and energy storage, having too much of it is known to contribute to various diseases and health issues, including:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Stroke 
  • Heart attack
  • Certain cancers
  • Arthritis
  • Sleep apnea

Balance Wellness Center takes a unique medical approach to weight loss. They can develop an individualized weight loss program that addresses your health concerns with extensive lab testing during the consultation and planning process. 

Medical weight loss programs rely on proven science to help you manage your weight and can help you maintain your lower weight over time.

What should I expect from a weight loss program?

Your weight loss program at Balance Wellness Center may involve a combination of strategies to help reduce your body fat and keep it off for the foreseeable future. Any habit changes you make with your weight loss program are designed to be sustainable throughout your life. 

Your weight loss program might involve:

  • Long-acting protein shakes
  • Long-acting supplements
  • Lipotropic amino acid injections
  • Metabolic meal plans
  • Vitamin B12 injections
  • Appetite suppressants
  • Physical activity

The team checks in with you regularly and might use regular lab work to track your health more closely. 

Should I consider taking part in a weight loss program?

Weight loss programs are neither advised nor safe for people with low body weight for someone of their size. Typically, the team at Balance Wellness Center recommends personalized medical weight loss programs for individuals who are overweight, obese, or have health conditions linked to their weight. 

A weight loss program is particularly beneficial if you’ve tried to lose weight but haven’t seen any results from your own attempts. This includes if you initially lose weight but gain it back very quickly, which is common. The Balance Wellness Center team welcomes you in for a consultation where they can advise you on whether you can benefit from a weight loss program. 

For more information about personalized medical weight loss programs and how they can improve your health, call Balance Wellness Center or book an appointment online today.